Gabz x Bottleneck's "Star Wars" Print Update #6

January 08, 2016

Hi guys,

Thank you all for your patience with this release. This will be our final newsletter regarding this release.

By the end of today, all second batch orders will have been picked up. This means that if you received a tracking number last week your tracking should update soon. Also, if you purchased 2 or more prints, tracking numbers will be issued today and will be out the door as well.

On Monday, all remaining labels will be printed. We expect the final shipment to come in at the end of next week, so we will begin the pre-labeling process on the third batch. If you don't receive a tracking email by end of the day on Monday, please shoot us an email.

In regards to the variants, we thought the variants would be coming with the second batch, but instead we received more regulars to ship. We will post pictures of them on Facebook when they arrive. Anyone that ordered a variant is already prepped and will be out the door immediately when they come in.

We want to thank D & L Screen Printing for all of their hard work. Printing ~4,200 screen prints takes some time and everything pretty much has been on schedule especially with the holidays.

It's great seeing some of you guys post your frame ups on Instagram and Twitter, make sure to tag us @bottleneckgallery when you do. Thank you for the the support. Keep them coming!

As promised, we have a big release coming up in the near future and as a thank you for the wait, everyone on this list will get something if you choose to take part in that release.

Have a great weekend and we are always here if you have any questions.

Thank you, 
-The Bottleneck Team