Gabz's "Star Wars" Official Printing Shipping Update #2

November 30, 2015

Hi guys,

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Just wanted to shoot everyone a new update regarding Gabz's official Star Wars prints.

As noted in the description, the prints will take around 6-8 weeks to begin shipping. D&L Screenprinting have ordered the paper and production will begin soon. They estimated that the first batch of regular prints will be here mid December as planned.  All variants will be in the second batch of prints.

Once we receive in the first batch, we will begin shipping right away based off order number. We do prep a week before which consists of pre-labeling but we will notify everyone when that process starts.

If anyone has any issues or questions, please email us anytime. We have our final Star Wars release with Andy Fairhurst this Friday. Those are all printed and will ship the same weekend so it can make it in time for the holidays.

Thanks again for your patience.

-The Bottleneck Team