Gabz's Print Update #4 - Final Print Pics :-)

December 16, 2015

And here it is....


It came out beautiful. :-)

Starting tomorrow, we are going to begin prepping the first batch for shipment. For people who have never ordered a time release from us before, what's going to happen is that many of you are going to begin receiving tracking numbers. This is what we call the pre-labeling process. It basically gives us a head start before we actually start packing.

Christmas will slow us down with no USPS service but we will be packing all week to make sure when service starts up again, they are ready to go out.

The first batch will consist of around 1,250 prints. We will do our best to go in order of purchase.

The second batch will include all of the variants and we will get a picture of those when done as well.

All limited edition Yoda pins will be separated for the 3 batches so everyone will have a fair chance.

If you have any questions, please email us anytime.

Thank you for your patience! You guys have been amazing during this sale.

-The Bottleneck Team