Post-Blizzard Shipping Updates

Hi guys,

About two weeks ago, we mentioned on Facebook and Twitter that New York was going to be hit with a couple major snow storms. Unfortunately, this was going to occur a week after our "It Came From 1984" show.

A majority of the items from the show had been packed by the time the storm eventually hit. However, we were unable to ship the items out due to the storm. 

By the time the roads cleared and we were able to reach the gallery, we shipped the items out right away.

Over the last few days, we have been receiving emails from customers inquiring about the status of their packages. A concern that we totally understand, especially if you received your tracking between February 11th-13th. The good news is that your packages were safe and sound in our gallery. All tubes ended up leaving the gallery btwn the 21st-22nd.

Still even with the packages out, we are noticing that that its still taking a while for USPS to deliver. It honestly doesn't seem like USPS has delivered anything yet that's outside a 3-4 state radius of New York. Here are a few examples of how long it took just to deliver to NY, PA, RI and MA.




All we ask is just to hang in there. Seems like things are moving. So sorry for the wait. 

If you have any questions, you can email us anytime.


Joe, Arsen and Josh.