Bruce Yan's "Link" Wood Variants Are....

August 24, 2014

Thank you to everyone that purchased one of Bruce Yan's "Link" Letterpress prints!

After 3 hours, the edition ended up being 125. The prints are in the process of being printed and will be sent to Bruce to sign and number. Should have them all sent out within the next couple weeks.

We have also picked the 4 winners of the wood variant.....

Basically, each print purchase gave you one entry. So if you purchased 5 prints, you have 5 entries.

We took all the orders, put them into an excel spreadsheet and then used the random number generator on to pick the winners.


And those winners are:

1. A. Guinan (Henderson, NV)

2. G. Wallace (Buffalo Grove, IL)

3. R. Putman (Austin, TX)

4. A. Heckathorn (Birmingham, AL)


Congratulations! All wood pieces will be placed into your orders when we begin shipping.

There is still one wood left and once we start shipping out all the prints, we will have an auction where 100% of funds will be donated to Bruce's charity of choice. 

Also, this Friday, we will be opening up our new solo exhibition, "CELSCAPES", with James White (Signalnoise).



Here is a brand new piece that will be on display:


We will be holding our special preview for all Bottleneck subscribers on Thursday and more images will be released throughout the week. 

Hope to see you at the show!