Jerkface "Cartoon Villain" @ Bottleneck/UTB Gallery - Opening Reception: November 21st

October 27, 2014

NEW YORK CITY – October 24, 2014) – Under the Bridge (UTB) Gallery is proud to announce its upcoming solo show entitled “Cartoon Villain,” featuring New York native, Jerkface. In his first solo show, Jerkface presents the slightly darker side of his style by incorporating villains instead of the stars or heroes he usually portrays in his work. Please join us on November 21, 2014 for the show’s opening.

Jerkface’s street art is described as whimsical and nostalgia-inducing, and his pop culture paintwork has become a staple in New York City. When creating his art, he uses a brush on canvas and a can of spray-paint on walls. However, to truly understand his art style, you need to speak with the artist himself.

“My work, when broken down, is a simple game of color,” explains Jerkface. “The proper distribution of color can generate various emotions from the viewer. When using iconic characters in my work, I try to minimize their facial expressions so that the more obvious mood generated from the face does not override the subtle mood created by the color play.”

Jerkface, who jumped on the highly competitive New York street art scene in 2012, describes himself as a lifelong artist. Classically trained on canvas, he completed his first legal piece of street art in November, 2013.

“I’ve always been an artist, since I was young,” says Jerkface. “I didnt do very well in high school and art was my way into college. From there I had a teacher who got me interested in cubism. I also got into graphic design and down the road the two became one.”

It is hard to miss Jerkface’s street art and murals in New York City. He recently completed a massive five-story mural in Manhattan’s East Village, which he dedicated to the East Side Community High School located just a block away.

The opening reception for "Cartoon Villain" will be on Friday, November 21st from 7pm-10pm. The first 50 people to attend will receive a free signed and numbered print from Jerkface.

For more information about Jerkface’s upcoming UTB show, please contact or visit
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