Anna Witt & David Welker "Fish" Release + "Sketch Booth" Launch!

The fish are finally getting their release.... :-)

Today, at 12pm eastern, we will be releasing Anna Witt & David Welker's set of beautiful fish screen prints, "The Silver Fish" and "The Gold Fish".

Each print is 14 x 17 inches, signed and numbered out of an edition of 100 and will cost $30. You will have an option to purchase individually or have a matching set. If you by any chance manage to purchase both individually, we will do our best to make a match of them.

We have also been receiving emails about David's recent string of concert posters and those will be for sale throughout the next few weeks. As well as something else that we have been looking forward to for a while with David.

Every so often we come up with these ideas for the gallery to continue making it fun for you guys. 

For the last two years, we have attended New York Comic Con and we realized one of the best parts if not the best part of the Con is Artist's Alley. Basically, its an area where you can walk up and down for the entire day just looking at thousands of artist's work and if you want, possibly even getting a commission from them. 

Today, we are going to launch Sketch Booth at Bottleneck where we invite artists throughout the year to do personal individual commissions for you guys. :-)

Being that today is the last day for RAID71's "Illuminiate" show, we asked him to be our first featured artist for Sketch Booth

Some sketches from the show:

At 1pm eastern, we will be releasing 40 sketch spots. There are obviously some rules for this commission.
  • You can pick any subject. However, if the artist doesn't think he can come up with anything, we will figure out a different one.
  • You are allowed 2 commission spots.
  • The size is around 10 x 13 inches and will cost $75.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. If it takes longer, we will email everyone.
  • When checking out, you can put what you want in the note section, or email us after.
  • All sales are final.
And like Comic Con, a majority of the proceeds will be going to the artist. :-)

We really hope you enjoy this and thanks again for all of your support.
The Bottleneck Team