Announcing TPC3 Print Series - On Sale August 6 - Daily Print Reveals!

The Mockingbird Foundation is excited to announce the upcoming release of a new, 8-piece art print series commissioned for our upcoming book, The Phish Companion 3rd Edition (TPC3). These gorgeous hand-crafted art prints, each with an edition size of 420, will go on sale via the Bottleneck Gallery website on Thursday, August 6th. Full, matching-number sets of eight prints will go on sale at 12:00 noon ET, and will be priced at $400. Individual prints, priced at $50 each, will go on sale at 1pm ET. 

Mockingbird will also be participating in the PhanArt-produced A World Café Live One art show on August 12th in Philadelphia, where we will debut the TPC3 art print series. The Foundation will have both full sets and individual prints available for purchase, as well as an exclusive rainbow foil variant of AJ Masthay's latest masterpiece (only available at the show). 

The Phish Companion by The Mockingbird Foundation is the definitive guide to the band and its music. First published in 2000, the all-new Third Edition is being self-published by the Foundation, with all proceeds going to charity – youth music education. The full-color TPC3 is chronologically organized, will be complete through the end of Phish’s summer 2015 tour, and will go to print shortly thereafter. The Mockingbird Foundation has commissioned eight top rock artists to interpret and illustrate each of eight eras of the band’s career, each of which will be presented as a two-page spread in TPC3 and as a limited-edition art print.

In the days leading up to the August 6 sale, we will be giving a preview on of each of the prints in the TPC3 series. Here are the first two:

Print #1: TPC3 - Phish 1.0, 1983-1989

Artist: David Welker

We are honored to have acclaimed artist David Welker (Phish's Rift album cover, 6+ official prints, Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery artist) interpret the genesis era of Phish's 33+ year career. Featuring knight-in-shining-armor Rutherford the Brave as he plunges into the watery depths, this print is bursting with imagery from the the band's epic saga (and Trey's Goddard senior thesis) "The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday" (aka Gamehendge), and deftly honors Phish's earliest years. Includes a hidden glow-in-the-dark layer! We've really gotta hand it to you, David...

Print #2: TPC3 - Phish 1.1, 1990-1992

Artist: Sei Rey Ho
Description: Sei Rey Ho and his studio Us & Them are the creative forces behind numerous posters, logos and patches created in recent years for Phish and side projects, and his clean, engaging design has won numerous awards. In his print for TPC3, Sei Rey presents a parade of the animal subjects of many of the band's songs, led by the not-quite-yet-famous mockingbird, as they follow the lines going south toward bigger shows, larger crowds, and ever-greater success.


Print #3: TPC3 - Phish 1.2, 1993-1995

Artist: Dan Black, Landland

Dan, along with his creative partner Jessica Seamans, runLandland – a creative studio based out of the Midwest. Landland is well known around the Phish crowd, having created almost ten band-related gig posters and the album art for theVentura boxed set, and we at Mockingbird are honored that both Dan and Jessica have each created a piece for TPC3. For his piece, Dan has provided us with a glimpse into the Phish Habitrail, and some of the iconic scenes around a band climbing to new peaks of commercial and creative success.

Print #4: TPC3 – Phish 1.3, 1996-1998
Artist: DKNG Studios

DKNG is a Los Angeles-based design studio acclaimed for their bold work for the music and entertainment industries. Very popular with fans, they have created over a dozen gig posters for Phish, including several much-coveted diptychs and triptychs. We are proud to have DKNG as part of the TPC3 print series, representing the high-energy 1996-1998 era. In this stunning print, Phish has destroyed America, brought the party over to Europe, and the mockingbird clings to the back of a fired-up worm, returning to drop an udder-ball full of cow funk on the USA. Incredible…and wait until you see the variant!

Print #5: TPC3 – Phish 1.4, 1999-2000
Artist: Justin Helton/Status Serigraph

Description: A true giant on the rock art scene, Knoxville-based designer Justin Helton has created over ten gig prints for Phish-related projects, plus stunning work for Trey’s new side band (The Grateful Dead) and much much more. ForTPC3, he has chosen to interpret Phish’s first true creative peak: the 1999-2000 period that saw the entire tribe migrate to the Big Cypress Seminole reservation for a monumental millennium celebration. Justin brings us a celebration of lizards (in their larger, gator form), toasting the new year from their moonlight swamp, while the mockingbird looks on from atop a farmhouse. Cheesecake, anyone?

Print #6: TPC3 – Phish 2.0, 2003-2004
Artist: Jessica Seamans,Landland

For this print, the second in our series from Landland, Jessica interprets the brief two-year period when Phish (prematurely?) returned from their first retirement. Here the curtains are pulled back to reveal the whole zoo back out on road, with the round room keeping IT going. But all is not well in the land of the lizards, as so many have forgotten to take care of their shoes, and as the mockingbird delivers a letter from Trey, everyone else is just trying to stay above the thick, thick Coventry mud.

Print #7: TPC3 – Phish 3.0, 2009-2011
Artist: Nate Duval

Description: With over fifteen official Phish-related gig posters and many mail-order ticket designs to his credit, artist Nate Duval has created a wealth of unique works. Instrumental in the success of the TPC3 print project, Nate helped us to find and inspire many of our artists, and for that we thank him. For his piece celebrating the 3.0 era, Nate brings us all back to the mothership, scene of the band’s glorious return from their second (and hopefully final) retirement, as it jubilantly takes flight below a celebration of balloons.

Print #8: TPC3 – Phish 1.0, 2012-2015
Artist: A.J. Masthay

Long a fixture of the Phish fan-artist scene, having created dozens of his spectacular hand-crafted linocut prints, this is A.J.’s third print for The Mockingbird Foundation and one of the most stunning in the TPC3series. A.J. is a fixture on the rock art scene known for his unique talent and technique, and has made many official prints for bands like Umphrey’s McGee, WSP, and Further, and recently he created a highly coveted triptych for Trey’sGrateful Dead side project. We could think of no better artist to represent Phish’s current 3.1 era, where the band has truly hit their stride and are taking us all to new heights, and of course A.J. has delivered. This beautiful work features the mockingbird carrying the Helping Friendly Book with the help of a giant tweezer, and is full of imagery inspired by the magic of a rejuvenated Phish in their 30s. Set the vacuum to blow, because there’s no sucking here!