David Welker's "Approaching a Rift" and "Umphrey's McGee" Prints On Sale Today!

Thank you to everyone that managed to pick up a set of "Dragons" from Anna and David this weekend at NYCC. It was an amazing weekend at the convention and all prints will start shipping this week

Today, we will be releasing David's artist copies of his "Umphrey's Mcgee" and "Approaching a Rift" prints he did over the summer.

"Umphrey's Mcgee - Summer Tour"
Screen print
16 x 24 inches
Signed Artist Copies

"Approaching a Rift"
Screen print
12 x 12 inches
Signed Artist Copies

We have put a limit on 1 each per order. Just remember, it's not sold out till it says sold out. Not "inventory control issues". That just means its in someones cart.

Both prints will go on sale at 12pm eastern at Bottleneck Gallery.

Also, we are right around the corner from David's solo show at Hoerle-Guggenheim on November 19th. More info coming on that soon. :-)

Thanks for all of your support!
-The Bottleneck Team