Fun City Ink Website Launch + Teefury Collab!

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Fun City Ink website with Anna Witt and David Welker!

Co-founded in 2009 by the duo, Fun City Ink is a design and screen print studio that specializes in hand-drawn and hand-painted materials.

To launch the site, we will be selling shirts of the popular Skully logo.

The shirts come in various sizes and there will be a limited edition "Double Skully" shirt as well.

You can check out everything on the homepage, Fun City Ink.

We will have brand new prints coming out very soon as well! Please make sure you're subscribed to the Fun City Ink newsletter to find out more updates.

And speaking of shirts...

Some of you might have saw that we released a pin yesterday based off the whole Starbucks controversy over at PinPinz.

Well, today we teamed up with Teefury to release Florey's image into an awesome shirt.

If you're interested, you can pick up a shirt right now over at Teefury!

Have an amazing weekend!

-The Bottleneck Team