Marko Manev's Next Noir Set + Bottleneck's First Subscription Service

July 28, 2013

Marko and Bottleneck thank everyone for making his first series such a success!  Since our first release, we raised close to $2,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Over the last couple of months, Marko has been hard at work at expanding his Noir series to other genres and the wait has paid off.

This Friday, August 2nd, at around 1pm eastern, we will be offering our first ever subscription service here at Bottleneck.

The subscription will cost $280 ($35 each) and include his next set of 8 prints. Subscriptions will be limited and the prints in this series will be an edition of 100 each.

Being that this is our first subscription, we want to make this fun for everyone involved so here are the perks:

1) Matching Numbers 

2) A roll-over subscription option for Marko's future Noir set 

3)  Free shipping on the second of set of prints shipped out. (4 prints are sent at a time)

4) Special presale for an upcoming event.

5) A free 9th print that will not be for sale to anyone. (Will be included in the second tube)

If you don't want a subscription and just rather go for individual prints, here is our release schedule:

August 6th @ 12pm eastern - #1 and #2

August 20th @ 12pm eastern - #3 and #4

September 2nd @ 12pm eastern - #5 and #6

September 20th @ 12pm eastern - #7 and #8

Subscribers would start receiving packages the week of August 20th and September 20th.

And in case you might have missed our newsletter, here is a tease of the next 8.

We are extremely excited for this and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to email us anytime.  

-The Bottleneck Team