Matt Ferguson's Star Wars Saga Update #1

Hi guys,

Just wanted to give everyone an update.

Unlike the last timed release, the variants will be shipped out first. They are currently being printed and should hopefully be done by Friday. Our printer for this release, Lady Lazarus, will begin printing the main edition next week. Our goal was 4-6 weeks but hopefully we can start getting these out sooner then that. Once we have some pictures we will put them up on our Facebook page.

We will also be setting up a blog over here: Star Wars Saga that we will update until the final print is out the door.

The final edition ended up being 2,550 sets for the regular edition. You guys are seriously incredible.  Also, unlike the last time, when you receive a tracking it means that your print is in a tube and ready to go out. We won't be prelabeling. We noticed that caused a lot of confusion.

If you have any questions, shoot us over an email anytime!

The Bottleneck Team
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