Why is my tracking number not updating on the carrier website?

This may be because of two reasons:
1. Your tube has not left the gallery yet, because our weekly courier pickups occur at the end of the week on Thursday and Friday. 
2. Due to the volume of tubes leaving the gallery, sometimes the carrier does not scan each and every tube at pickup and therefore a scan will not show until it has reached the destination post office.

I paid for priority 2 day shipping, and it has been 7 days but my tube has not arrived? What gives?

We ship all domestic packages via Priority Mail and do not charge an extra fee for this service. Unfortunately, due to the geometry of a tube, it is rare that they arrive within the allotted time frame..therefore, we encourage all of our customers to be patient and allow at least 7-10 business days for the package to arrive. 

My items seem to be "stuck" in Metro, NY according to the USPS tracking website, what does that mean?

Metro, NY is a new name for the Eastern Nassau hub of the USPS in our area. Unfortunately, packages tend to sit there for 7-10 business days before arriving at your destination post. It is totally normal and just something we have learned to deal with being where we are located and the USPS sector we use. Please understand that your package is not lost and it will arrive soon. 

It has been over 14 days and my items have not yet shipped, why the delay?

We try our best to include extended shipping estimates on items that are not currently in stock and ready to ship. Please read all product descriptions carefully before emailing us about a shipping delay.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, everywhere :) 

Do you accept returns?

No, all sales are final.