AJ Masthay's "Dead & Company - Hartford, CT" Gig Poster On Sale Today!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Today, we will be releasing AJ Masthay's copies from the Dead and Company show in Hartford, CT at the Xfinity Theatre.

"I was asked to create a "fun summer activity" for the bears in the piece. Being born and raised in the Hartford area, I thought back to my childhood summers for inspiration. Not sure about where you're from but back in the 80's, we had numerous drive in movie theaters operating around us.  I have very fond memories of sitting on the hood of my parents car and watching Return of the Jedi at our local theater. As a teen we would sneak into the drive in all the time, didn't care so much about the movies, just a place to hang out and cause mischief. All these years later, the same drive in is still in operation - although I never sneak in."

The 9 color linoleum block print is 18 x 24 inches, signed and numbered out of 65 and will cost $50 each.  

The print will appear on the front of our homepage at 12pm eastern.
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