For the past few months, we’ve tried to delve into more unique projects, and our previous releases of Banksy’s Di-faced Tenner have been the most rewarding, but nerve-wracking, of the lot. We’d like to take a moment to thank everybody who supported the prior Banksy releases, as we’re proud to be able to bring a verified aspect of art history to our fans, both new and old!

Due to all of the positive feedback we’ve received on the previous Di-faced Tenner releases, we were contacted with an opportunity to acquire another small batch of genuine Di-faced Tenners from the private collection of Steve Lazarides. This will be the last batch available via primary source, after this they will only be available in the secondary markets.

For a full history of the Di-faced Tenner, check out our previous blog.

Unlike the previous releases, and due to how small this batch of Di-faced Tenners is, we’re implementing a tiered system for payments. Essentially, this batch of Di-faced Tenners is offered for $1100 for the first few buyers, and goes up in $100 tiers as stock dwindles. The tiers are as follows: $1100, $1200, $1300, and finally $1400. The quicker you are to purchase the Di-faced Tenner, the more likely you are to get in at a lower tier. Tiers will be available via a drop-down menu on the product page.

Each Di-Faced Tenner comes archivally matted and framed with Japanese hinges in a double-sided frame so that both sides of the Di-faced Tenner are visible. We’ve also added a matching holographic serial on both the rear of the frame and the letter of provenance for added security. Framing is done by ROOQ Fine Art Framing in NYC.

In addition, we’re adding a special, new option: there will be an extremely limited release of two Di-faced Tenners in one frame for $2500. These are float framed in an archival frame and will come with two letters of provenance.

Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery as each piece is hand framed and then will be shipped priority with signature tracking. International orders will go out via DHL Express.

Banksy Di-faced Tenners will be available on Friday (3/13) @ 12PM ET on our homepage,!

Di-faced Tenner [Framed] by Banksy
Offset lithograph produced in 2004
Tenner - 5 ⅘ x 3 inches
Framed - 10 ⅝ x 8 inches
Comes in a double sided frame, matted archivally with Japanese hinges
Tiered pricing from $1100 - $1400 (please read above for more details)
Includes hand signed letter of provenance from Steve Lazarides with matching holographic serial on frame and letter

Di-faced Tenner [Double Frame] by Banksy
Offset lithograph produced in 2004
Each Tenner measures 5 ⅘ x 3 inches
Archivally float framed with Japenese hinges displaying both sides of the Tenner
Includes two hand signed letters of provenance from Steve Lazarides with matching holographic serials on frame and letters
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