We want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who purchased a Di-Faced Tenner during our first allocation release last month. Judging from all of the positive social media posts and emails, the release was a success. We are truly excited to have been able to make this piece of history available. 

Tomorrow we will be releasing the remaining pieces of that allocation. We held these back to ensure that everyone was happy with the final product and that we had enough to cover loss/damage (just in case). 

The second allocation is very limited and will be available tomorrow (11/20) @ 12PM ET on our homepage,! 

Background about release:

We’ve spent some time acquiring Banksy Di-faced Tenner’s from the private collection of Steve Lazarides, Banksy’s original art agent. Steve represented Banksy in his early years and brought his art into the public spotlight. The Di-faced Tenner was created for a public stunt Banksy had orchestrated that involved dropping a suitcase full of the fake currency in public, during rush hour at the Liverpool tube station in London and at the Notting Hill Carnival and Reading Festival. Later that year, an unknown amount of Tenners were also released at the exhibition preview of Santa’s Ghetto, held at Lazarides Gallery.

In addition to its fascinating history as an unperformed public stunt, the Di-faced Tenner had the honor of being Banksy’s first piece of art to enter in the British Museum private collection earlier this year.

Unfortunately, because the Di-faced Tenner has been one of Banksy’s most popular and widely circulated images, the piece is often counterfeited. Methods of identifying counterfeits have been debated, and there have rarely been occasions where pieces could be proven as 100% real...until now! We’ve made sure that each tenner that we sourced comes with a hand-signed letter of provenance from Steve Lazarides himself, guaranteeing the authenticity of each piece. Each letter is individually hand-signed.

Each Di-Faced Tenner comes matted in a double sided framed with Japanese hinges so that both sides of the Tenner are visible. We’ve also added a matching holographic serial on both the rear of the frame and the letter of provenance for added security. Framing is done by ROOQ Fine Art Framing in NYC.

Rear detail:

Di-faced Tenner [Framed]
by Banksy
Offset lithograph produced in 2004
Tenner - 5 ⅘ x 3 inches
Framed - 10 ⅝ x 8 inches
Comes in an archival double sided frame with UV acrylic
Includes an original hand signed letter of provenance from Steve Lazarides with matching holographic serial on frame and letter

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