Baroque Portfolios x Jim Pollock - Collector's Edition Portfolio - Limited Edition Release

We’ve teamed up with one of our favorite artists, Jim Pollock, and the experts over at Baroque Portfolios to release a new collector's edition portfolio!

Jim’s known for his decades of work with Phish, creating gig posters, charity prints, and all types of Phishy goods throughout the years. Jim’s print work is unique in that it’s often hand-printed, and comes in sizes that most standard art storage portfolios don’t cater to.

We truly appreciate the art community that Jim’s helped foster, and we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that Baroque Portfolios caters to the specific needs of art collectors, so we’ve teamed up to create the Jim Pollock Collector's Edition Portfolio that will help Jim’s fans and collectors store his work in specifically sized sleeves that align with his print work.

Portfolios are available for a limited time NOW through Sunday @ 11:59PM ET on the Baroque Portfolios website! After that they will never be produced again, so don't miss out!

  • Design:
    • Black durable bi-cast leather exterior (Synthetic / Vegan)
    • Embossed Jim Pollock logo on front / Pollock Prints logo on rear
    • Fully riveted construction for strength & durability  
    • Full zipper enclosure protects your collection from dust and debris'
    • Acid-free paper inserts in each sleeve 
    • Black high strength metal multi-ring binder - upgraded for increased closing force!
    • Lightweight and easy to carry/transport with the included shoulder strap
  • Each portfolio includes 40 double-sided oversized archival and acid-free polypropylene sleeves sealed on three sides with a pocket size of 21 1/8 x 28 1/8 inches 
  • Storage capacity - 80 prints
  • Please note: Jim Pollock often prints utilizing oil-based inks which are known to off-gas. This process is perfectly normal, but it could cause some sleeves to ripple over time. This will not affect the integrity of your portfolio or damage your prints.
  • Pre-order, ships in March 2021
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