We’re finally free of Winter and heading towards warmer weather out here on the East Coast, and with better weather comes more gallery shows! We’ve curated a handful of shows for the Spring and Summer that we’re incredibly proud of, and we’re excited to share the dates with everybody!

First up, we’ve got Joey Feldman’s first solo show at Bottleneck, PTOLEMY, on April 26th. We’ve been working with Joey for a long time on his solo show debut, and it’s going to be killer!

Then we’ve got David Welker’s Welker Studios 2.0 grand opening on June 1st. David’s studio is now located directly next to Bottleneck Gallery, and we’re taking this opportunity to welcome both him and his wonderful fans to the new neighborhood!

Next, Matt Ferguson and Florey are joining us and Vice Press for a Ferg x Florey showcase on June 14th. Both the theme and the pieces in this show are from some of the most beloved pop culture properties out there!

Finally, Gabz first solo show rolls out with BNG & Grey Matter on July 12th. Gabz has been quietly working away on a massive amount of new art for this show, and we can’t wait for everybody to see it all!

As we get closer to each exhibit, we will have a lot more info. Plus, we have a few other surprises including another show and a couple of awesome screenings.

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