BNG X ISH: DEATH DEALER 3D Lenticular by Frank Frazetta - On Sale INFO!

This Wednesday, we’re teaming up with ISH to plunge into Frank Frazetta’s dark fantasy world!

Frank Frazetta is, and always will be, a comics legend, as well as a hometown hero of ours. Frank’s art was genre defining, and his fantasy work continues to inform so much of what we love about fantasy art. Alongside ISH, we’ve worked to bring a favorite Frank image of ours to life in lenticular form. Death Dealer showcases Frank’s strong storytelling sensibilities and we’re simply stoked to be able to work with the Frazetta estate on this release.

The Death Dealer 3D lenticular print will be available for purchase on Wednesday (6/28) @ 12PM ET, on our homepage,!

Death Dealer - 3D Lenticular by Frank Frazetta
1mm PET
18 x 24 inches
Limited edition of 100
Hand-numbered COA with BNG hologram of authenticity
Co-released with ISH
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