däktər GonZo by Joey Feldman & Don't Walk by Patrik Svensson On Sale Info!

At Bottleneck, we genuinely enjoy embarking on new projects with artists we haven’t worked with before, so this Friday, we’re excited to announce that we will be premiering prints from two new artists: Joey Feldman and Patrik Svensson.

Joey Feldman is, as per his website, a “mixed media artist [who] has been drawing since he fell in love with comic books as a child...Feldman’s works are figurative with a frenetic, cartoonish style at their core, reminiscent of [Ralph] Steadman’s ‘gonzo’ style.” Joey’s print, däktər GonZo, pays homage to pop culture icons Ralph Steadman and Hunter S. Thompson, all wrapped up in Joey’s intensely trippy artstyle.

We’ve also been impatiently following Patrik Svensson’s art for a while, and we are thrilled to finally be able to present his first print for us, Don’t Walk. Patrik is a masterful minimalist, combining cleverness, depth, and great imagery in his art, and we think Don’t Walk is a great introduction to his work.

Both Joey and Patrik's prints will be available on Friday (3/24) @ 1PM ET at Bottleneckgallery.com.

däktər GonZo by Joey Feldman
Fine art giclée
12 X 16 inches
S/N edition of 125: $45
Hand-embellished edition of 20: $100

Don’t Walk by Patrik Svensson
Fine art giclée
8 X 12 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 50
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