This Tuesday We’re jammin’ out with AJ Mathay, Gus Morais, and Jason Haft!

AJ’s newest gig poster for Dead & Co’s concert at Fiddler’s Green is a harmonious and beautiful print that paints the moon as the ultimate Deadhead! AJ’s spacey night time vibes offer a darker palette than his usual work, and we’re here for it.

Jason Haft and artist Gus Morai’s riff on Where’s Waldo creates a Phish Universe in print form.

Introducing "Where’s Walfredo?", a piece of phan art that is, in the simplest sense, the ultimate Phish concert fantasy. The creators of this piece, Jason Haft (a phan since the mid 90s with zero artistic abilities) and Gus Morais (an artist from Brazil specializing in detailed seek-and-finds, but with zero Phish knowledge), initially budgeted 25 days to create this piece as artwork for a pair of custom skis. When the concept shifted from a “less is more” approach to a respectable “more is more” approach, the project took on a life of its own.

Nearly a year later, Haft and Morais have worked tirelessly and solicited feedback from hundreds of phans across various online communities in an effort to capture the overall spirit of the parking lot scene, Shakedown Street, the phans, the lights, the "scents and subtle sounds," and, of course, the band.

This piece is a hyper-characterized version of everything you’ve ever seen at a Phish show, all coming together into a single grade spectacle that could only ever exist in cartoon form.

About Jason Haft
Jason Haft is a long time Phish phan with an insatiable appetite for research, writing, and attention to the absolute smallest of details. Jason originally commissioned this project as artwork for a pair of custom skis, and has no artistic abilities whatsoever.

Absout Gus Morais
Gus Morais is an illustrator with published artworks for many international clients, including The Washington Post, Warner Bros and others. Gus lives with his family in Brazil, and knew almost nothing about Phish prior to taking on this project.

Both prints will be available TUESDAY (10/26) @ 12PM ET on our homepage!

Where's Walfredo will be available as a timed edition through Tuesday (11/2) @ 11:59PM ET!


Dead & Co. - Fiddler's Green by AJ Masthay
Fine art giclee on Entrada Bright 290gsm paper
18 x 24 inches
Signed and hand-numbered AE of 180
Random prints from the edition will be hand-embellished

Detail Snippets:

Where's Walfredo? - A Phish Inspired Seek & Find Experience
Fine art giclee on Somerset Velvet paper
18 x 24 inches
Hand-numbered timed edition
Edition size will be determined by the number of prints
sold through Tuesday, November 2nd @ 11:59PM ET

Commissioned by Jason Haft ~ Illustrated by Gus Morais 
Estimated to ship in 6 - 8 weeks

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