DEADLIER (Batman Returns) & Shreck Lapel Pin by Matt Ryan Tobin / Tokun BANE Coin by Tom Whalen - ON SALE INFO!

With the newest Batman movie beginning filming, we’re delving back into the Caped Crusader’s history with Matt Tobin’s latest print, and our newest Tokun from Tom Whalen!

Matt’s newest entry in his Burton Batman series of prints is Deadlier than his previous installments. Matt’s created a moody piece full of foreshadowing as Bruce and Selina dance (and kiss!) at Max Shreck’s party. Both hide secrets that they attempt to dance around, and Matt’s striking imagery brings a literal spotlight on that moment. We will also have a metal lapel pin of Shreck available as well. 

Our Tokun launch went over so well, we’re excited to roll out the next wave of releases. We worked with Tom Whalen to create a coin commemorating the man who broke the bat, Bane! Since his introduction in 1993, Bane’s been a fascinating and hulking adversary for Batman across every medium, and we’re happy to give him his due in our Tokun series.

Matt’s print/pin and Tom's Bane coin will be available for purchase Friday (1/10) @ 12PM ET on our homepage,!

Deadlier by Matt Ryan Tobin
Fine art giclée
18 x 18 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 100

"Shreck" Lapel Pin by Matt Ryan Tobin
1.25 inch antique silver metal
Rubber clutch backing
Limited edition

[TOKUN] Bane
Metal alloy coin with reeded edges in protective hard plastic storage case
Diameter: 1.5 inches
Weight: 22g
Designed by Tom Whalen
Limited edition of 150
Free shipping!
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