DUNE by Matt Ferguson - On Sale INFO!

We’re joining the dreamers over at Vice Press to release Matt Ferguson’s newest print for the sci-fi mega-epic, Dune!

Dune, part I, has left such an immense impression, and we’re excited to see so many of our favorite artists create prints for the film. Matt’s print has a neat symmetrical layout that thematically represents parts of Paul’s journey. Matt’s our go-to for sci-fi staples, and we think his print is out of this world!

Matt’s print will be available for purchase on Tuesday (5/17) @ 12PM ET on our homepage, Bottleneckgallery.com!

International buyers can head over to Vice Press to purchase Matt’s print directly from their online store on 5/17 @ 5PM BST!

24 x 36 inches 
Hand-numbered edition of 225

Dune - Foil Variant
Lithograph on foil paper
24 x 36 inches 
Hand-numbered edition of 175
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