FAMICOM GHOST by Glen Brogan | MAC Statue by Claynext | MAC, UNICORN & THE RED CUP Enamel Pins - On Sale Info!

We’re starting the week off with Glen Brogan’s gorgeous new art print, Famicom Ghost; our first collaboration with sculptor supreme Claynext and his brilliant batch of Mac and Me sculptures; and three brand new pins!

Glen’s clever Ghost in the Shell inspired print is a relaxing, retro reminder for both Major Kusanagi and ourselves. We really appreciate Glen’s more lighthearted approach to the often serious series.

Next up, we’d like to introduce Claynext and our incredible first release with him--a small run of Mac custom resin sculptures from the cult classic film, Mac and Me!

Claynext is a sculptor whose been making some of the coolest custom sculptures for years. All of his sculptures are made 100% by hand, and we’re very proud to see this project finally come to fruition. Each of the Mac figures is painstakingly detailed, and there are even two different versions of the lovable little weirdo! Mac and Me is a movie that all of us at Bottleneck are passionate about, and we’re extremely excited to have been able to collaborate with Claynext on this dream project.

The Mac statues will be released via lottery, and the lottery will run from 12PM to 1PM ET on our homepage. No purchase is necessary to enter in the lottery. Winners will be randomly selected and then notified by email with the link to purchase. Each statue will cost $60 plus shipping/handling. As a fun twist, there are 10 statues of Mac holding a bag of his favorite food and 10 of Mac sipping his favorite soft drink. If you are a lottery winner and purchase a statue, you will receive one of the two versions at random.

Check out some of the process behind Claynext’s superior sculpting on the little Macs: 

In addition, we’ll be releasing three new pins! Our Mac pin is the perfect companion for Claynext’s Mac sculptures, and we’ve been enjoying seeing unicorn drinks roaming around the city, so we wanted to make our own, literally. Oh and we can't forget the original cup controversy, The Red Cup. 

Glen’s print, as well as all the pins, will be available for purchase Monday (4/24) @ 12PM ET on our homepage, Bottleneckgallery.com! The lottery for Claynext’s Mac statues will run from from 12PM to 1PM ET.

Famicom Ghost by Glen Brogan
Fine art giclée
13 X 19 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 100

Mac by Claynext
Custom resin statue
Approximately 4 inches tall
Edition of 20 (10 with a Happy Meal, 10 with a soda)
All boxes will be hand-numbered

1.25 inch enamel pin
Limited edition

Unicorn by Florey
1 inch enamel pin
Limited edition
$10.99 / Cup Set: $18

The Red Cup by Florey
1 inch enamel pin
Limited edition
$10.99 / Cup Set: $18
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