GRATEFUL DEAD by Matt Gordon / SNOW WHITE by George Caltsoudas - On Sale Info!

We’ve got dancing bears and singing birds this week with our newest prints: Matt Gordon’s entry in our Grateful Dead Artist Series of officially licensed prints, and our latest curated piece for Eyeland Prints, Snow White by George Caltsoudas.

Our Grateful Dead Artist Series is all about bringing together our favorite artists and the legendary music and artistry of the Grateful Dead. To us, Matt’s paintings have always had a musical quality, with creatures and critters dancing around each other in strange and wonderful scenes. Matt’s print is a harmonious combination of one of his canonized characters, Skeleton Pajamas, and the Grateful Dead’s Dancing Bears!

We’re overjoyed to be able to continue our curatorial efforts for the folks at Eyeland Prints, and this time, we’ve brought in George Caltsoudas and his animated style for a stunning rendition of Snow White. George’s print brings all of the cheer and beauty of Snow White to life with wondrous color and a host of furry forest friends!

Matt’s print will be available on Thursday (8/8) @ 12PM EST on our homepage,!

Eyeland UK will have a limited allocation of George’s print, which can be purchased online at Eyeland Prints on Thursday (8/8) @ 12PM ET.

Grateful Dead by Matt Gordon
Fine art giclée
16.5 x 23 inches
Hand-numbered edition 200

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by George Caltsoudas
Fine art giclee
24 x 18 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 125
Officially licensed by Disney & Artland Publishing
Available on Eyeland Prints!
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