Happy New Year! Jim Pollock's "Carve, Print, Repeat" Exhibit Info & Gallery Updates!

We want to wish everyone a Happy and most importantly Healthy New Year! Thank you for all of your support throughout 2016. It not only means the world to us, but also to the artists that continue to showcase their work with us.

We are going to start off the year with a bang as we have a bunch of amazing releases and collaborations in January. We are also currently working hard on obtaining some new licenses and other fun side projects. 

A quick shipping update: Mystery tubes, South Park Critter Christmas and Rogue One prints will start shipping very soon. All prints are at the space and are getting prepped for shipment. 

We also want to thank everyone that came out this week to Jim Pollock's Carve, Print and Repeat exhibit.

With over 300 pieces showcasing decades of Jim's work, it was definitely one of the biggest shows we have ever set up. Tickets to Wednesday's sold out event raised close to $1,000 for the Mockingbird Foundation! 

We will be releasing all remaining works from the exhibition in January, so stay tuned for more info. 

Lastly, we want to congratulate David Welker & AJ Masthay on their awesome show prints for the many great events taking place over the NYE weekend. 

David Welker's Phish, JRAD and Twiddle prints

AJ Masthay's Disco Biscuits 

See you in 2017! 

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