Jim Pollock's "Carve, Print, Repeat" Online Sales Info!

We’re sincerely excited to announce that we’ll be releasing the remaining inventory from Jim Pollock’s amazing solo show, “Carve, Print, Repeat” which exhibited this past December. This is one of the first times that Jim’s work will be available for purchase online, and we couldn’t be more happy!

Jim is a legendary artist known for his decades of work creating gigposters for bands like Phish, as well years and years of art mastery, from being a printing specialist to woodworking. Jim’s “Carve, Print, Repeat” show featured dozens of beautiful originals, rare and highly sought after prints spanning his art career, and some band tees that he designed throughout the years. The tees are especially cool because they’re long sold out, and from Jim’s personal collection.

We’ll be releasing the remaining inventory from “Carve, Print, Repeat”, featuring originals, prints, and tees, this Thursday (2/16) @ 12PM ET!

And a little tease of something in the near future...

A word from the curator, Jeni Enck, regarding the works:

Most pieces were photographed through shrinkwrap, so please ignore any glares or reflections.

A note to those collector's that are new to Jim's work --

It should be noted that Pollock "mint" is a different classification than the "mint" one might equate with other artists.

The nature of Jim's work creates unique qualities within each print. Even though all the prints are done in the same edition, each print is hand-pulled or pressed through one of his three turn-of-the-century printing presses (the original bookbinding, current Vandercook, or the now broken Washington) creating, at times, vast differences between them. This might include more or less ink coverage in certain areas of the image, edgewear or handling marks, fingerprints, and even specs of lint or hair, making each and every print different from the one before.

By the same token, the originals which are often drawn on velem (like tracing paper) or newsprint will sustain wrinkles and handling marks as they are used to transfer the images on to the blocks to be carved.

The original concept designs are often cut, folded, combined (with tape) to other pieces, and covered in white-out to mask mistakes or to show areas of white space. Because these spend more time in the studio, condition issues (mostly wrinkles, bends, etc.) often persist.

Once created, the Phish organization often supplied Jim with shirts featuring his designs which he placed in storage. We have many of them available, most of which have not seen the light of day in two decades. Some of them have discoloration or imperfections from storage. Condition issues and sizes are noted. A handful of them were worn by the artist himself. Those are noted as well.

Carve, Print, Repeat highlighted the original proofs or copies provided by Phish to Jim illustrating these t-shirt designs. Because most of them were created 25+ years ago before the ease of digital file transmission, Jim would send his original design via snail mail. Once received and approved by Phish, the editing process would continue. They would return a copy of the design via mail or fax to demonstrate how they intended to use it -- often providing separate proofs for each screen, but because they were mostly black & white copies, it would be noted which one was black, red, etc. This show has many of those process proofs. Some are of the final designs that went on the t-shirts, some are just part of the process before it became final.

Prices start as low as $75 for originals and $35 for prints, so we hope there is something for everyone.

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