This Thursday, we’re premiering our first fully online art show for this year, Joey Feldman’s “Feldman @ 50”! With the current escalating COVID-19 situation worldwide, we hope everybody is as safe as is allowable under these circumstances, and we’re proud to be able to offer a fully online art show to help entertain and maintain current safe social standards.

Joey’s newest solo show features a cast of colorful characters, all of whom have leapt from brain-to-brush in order to solidify their introduction to the world. Feldman @ 50 is Joey’s way of ushering in both another year physically as well as artistically.

In addition to 50 new originals, we’re also offering a heaping handful of new abstraction prints. Joey’s recent work has been focused on more gonzo abstractions, permeated with intense figures and shapes, all blended together with very purposeful coloring, and we’re happy to to offer items in various price ranges.

Joey’s entire show will be available for purchase on Thursday (4/9) @ 12PM ET via a special link that will be posted on our homepage,!

Selection of Originals:

Selection of Prints:

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