Matt Ferguson's "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy" Timed Edition Update #1

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for purchasing Matt Ferguson's The Lord of the Rings prints and/or a One Ring charity pin over the weekend!

In the end, we raised $3,375 for Alexandra Grace New's fund. The money has been donated and you guys are incredible as always. :-)

The pins are being produced as we speak and any pin order should be out within 2 weeks. Shipping was free so there won't be any tracking.

As for the prints, all we can say

The final edition numbers are:
Bag End: 1,175
Zirakzigil: 1,030
Minas Tirith: 1,010

As mentioned in the description, these are all hand pulled screen prints so they take a little longer to print and produce than a typical digital print. Even though we wrote 6 - 8 weeks, our goal is always sooner than that. We will keep everyone updated during the entire process like we do with all of our timed editions.

If it's your first purchase with us, we want to say welcome to Bottleneck. Hopefully you guys will enjoy your prints!
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