OBEY x Baroque Portfolios - Artist Edition Portfolio - On Sale NOW!

Throughout the past few years Baroque has collaborated with some of their favorite artists on customized portfolios that combine their unique aesthetic with our archival portfolio creation. Today we're honored to announce their newest artist portfolio collaboration with the legendary Shepard Fairey and OBEY!

Since its inception in 1989, Shepard's OBEY campaign has been a subversive street art juggernaut gaining momentum, power, and further meaning as the movement has evolved. Using brilliantly bold imagery, such as the OBEY Icon Face logo and slogan, Shepard has grown into a worldwide giant in both the art and activism realms.

Baroque worked alongside Shepard and the OBEY team to create a 100% archival portfolio that incorporates OBEY's distinct design sense and Shepard's ubiquitous art totems. Their portfolios offer collectors a safe and stylish way to store prints and paper originals, and we use the highest quality materials available.

As collectors ourselves, we're thrilled to see Baroque team up with Shepard and OBEY, and we're excited to think about all of the art that will be filling these portfolios!

Each portfolio is designed to hold prints up to 18 x 24 inches and comes with 40 refill sleeves, enough storage for up to 80 prints! The front cover is screen printed and embossed with the classic OBEY Giant logo and the rear is embossed with the iconic OBEY wording. A contrasting red trim accents and completes the design.

Portfolios are available for preorder by clicking here.

This first batch of preorders will ship in September. In order to guarantee being part of this first batch, your order must be received by 5/31!

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