observations through a pandemic by Joey Feldman - ONLINE SHOW INFO!

This Friday, we’re proud to present Joey Feldman’s newest online show, “Observations through a pandemic”!

“Observations through a pandemic” feeds viewers and supporters directly into Joey’s consciousness during the COVID-19 pandemic, unleashing a body of work centered around the difficult, anxious, harrowing, and sometimes hopeful times we’ve all been living through for the better part of the year.

Per Joey, “A lot of us have been really stressed, run down etc since the beginning of this covid-19 pandemic quarantine. I started a series of paintings trying to capture how I felt and what I was seeing during this time. An observation. Maybe a recording through my paintings. A lot of these paintings were focusing on the unknown, hysteria point of view. Others reported on the good times, the hope, our loved ones, etc. This serving of prints focuses on that. The more colorful cheerful times during this unprecedented time in the history of the world.”

“Observations through a pandemic” will feature over 10 new prints from Joey, ranging in size and price.

Joey’s entire show will be available for purchase on Friday (10/23) @ 12PM ET via link on our homepage, Bottleneckgallery.com!

For a preview of all of the pieces in the show, please click here.

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