POWER OF THE DARK SIDE by Andy Fairhurst On Sale Info!

Rouge One: A Star Wars Story is a film filled with memorable scenes. This Tuesday, Andy Fairhurst brings us the most brutal of those scenes with his depiction of Darth Vader dispatching an entire hallway full of rebels in ruthless fashion.

Andy’s take on Darth Vader’s show-stealing scene at the end of Rogue One is a brilliant depiction of the classic villain. Vader’s presence in the print is devastating, as he decimates the Rebel soldiers, and shows just how relevant and iconic he truly is, even forty years after his first appearance in Star Wars: Episode IV.

Join the Dark Side with Andy’s print this Tuesday (3/28) @ 12PM ET at Bottleneckgallery.com!

  Power of the Dark Side by Andy Fairhurst
Fine art giclée
16 x 20 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 200
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