SPIDER-SENSE 3D Lenticular by Oliver Barrett & ENAMEL PINS by David Welker - On Sale INFO!

Oliver Barrett makes our Spidey Sense tingle again, and Welker Wednesdays are back!

Recently, we released Oliver’s exploration of Spidey and what makes him NYC/Queens’ hometown hero. Oliver perfectly conveyed Spider-Man’s role as a positive neighborhood presence, and as a genuine superhero. We teamed up with Oliver to take his Spider-Man Spidey Sense image to the next level with the full lenticular treatment, and we’re excited with the sensational results.

For this Welker Wednesday, we teamed up with David to bring some of our favorite lore from his body of work to life in a different medium, pins! We worked closely with David to create a set of pins for three iconic characters from David’s decades of work: Levitator, The Guitar Player, and the all-seeing Traveling Eye. These incredibly detailed pins will be available as a bundle. Plus, random orders will receive a chase variant (edition of 25) instead of the main edition of any of the three pins!

Oliver’s print and David’s pins will be available on Wednesday (11/8) @ 12PM ET on our homepage, Bottleneckgallery.com! Oliver's print will be available as a timed edition through Thursday (11/9) @ 11:59PM ET.


Spider-Sense is Tingling by Oliver Barrett
1mm PET with flip effect
10 x 10 inches
Hand-numbered COA with BNG hologram of authenticity
Timed edition
Edition size will be determined by the number of prints
sold through Thursday, November 9th @ 11:59PM ET


Variant Colorways (Editions of 25):

Levitator, The Guitar Player & The Traveling Eye by David Welker
1.75 inches (each)
Soft enamel with epoxy
Double rubber clutch backing
Laser numbered editions of 175
Random orders will receive a chase variant set, edition of 25, instead of the main edition!

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