STAR WARS Portrait Series by Alice X. Zhang - On Sale INFO!

Alice X. Zhang returns to Bottleneck, after some time in a galaxy far, far away, for a brand spankin’ new Star Wars portrait showcase!

Alice’s newest Star Wars showcase features a wealth of limited edition prints that she created for Star Wars Celebration. Star Wars Celebration is a massive recurring event filled with all things Star Wars, including roadmaps for future series, jaw-dropping trailers for upcoming projects, and a multitude of events for fans and creators alike. Alice created a trove of officially licensed art for Lucasfilm and Disney, and we’re excited to be able to offer some of that in this showcase!

Alice's portraits will be available on Friday (11/17) @ 12PM ET on our homepage,! 

Star Wars Celebration Portraits by Alice X. Zhang
Fine art giclee
12 x 16 inches (each)
Hand-numbered editions (edition sizes vary)
$50 each / Complete SET: $975

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