THE INFINITY WAR by Jim Starlin - On Sale INFO!

This Tuesday, we go back to 1992 for the comics event that inspired one of the biggest movies of all time, Marvel Comics’ The Infinity War!

Based on the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos’ quest to wield it, Jim Starlin’s cosmic event shook up the status quo at Marvel over two decades ago. As with any comics event, sensational promo art was created to help draw in more readers, and Jim Starlin’s promo art has stuck with us since childhood. Jim’s art, originally taken from a painting, features several levels of Marvel characters, from cosmic entities down to our favorite street-level capes, all against an epic space scene. We worked hard to recreate Jim’s original art as a screen print, and the results are out of this world!

Jim's print will be available for purchase on Tuesday (1/30) @ 12PM ET on our homepage,!

The Infinity War by Jim Starlin
Screen print
18 x 36 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 200

The Infinity War - Acrylic Panel Print by Jim Starlin
Digital printing on 4mm thick acrylic panel
18 x 36 inches
Hand-numbered COA with BNG hologram of authenticity
Limited edition of 50

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