"The Upside Down" Charity & NYCC Shipping Updates!


Over the weekend, we received our first update from Homes for Homeless!

All 60 bikes that were donated have been assembled and the kids are loving them.

Both Homes For The Homeless and HASC are currently working on expanding both of their playgrounds. We will have more updates on that when it is complete. :-)

We are currently in the process of shipping orders from our NYCC releases, David Welker's recent gig prints and Timothy Pittides' Vices sets. Florey's Awesom-O should be arriving this week too and we will get those out right away as well. 

There are a few more waves of NYCC prints being released soon including Mark Englert, Tomer and Asaf Hanuka on Tuesday. We will also have our second vinyl statue release this Wednesday. We have been working on this one for a while and hope many of you enjoy it.

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-The Bottleneck Team

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