WALKING FISH by Jim Pollock On Sale Info!

During Jim Pollock’s “Carve, Print, Repeat” show this past December, we spent a lot of time with Jim and his amazing art. In that time, we decided to pursue our first collaboration on a fun, full-fledged statue of one of Jim’s classic subjects: Walking Fish!

We’ve spent a few months working closely with Jim and our manufacturing team, and we could not be more happy with how the statues came out. Jim’s beloved fish imagery really came to life with this project--even minor details like the patterned fish scales in the body and muscle marks in the legs are perfectly rendered and crafted in these pewter statues.

Both the regular edition and very limited bronze-plated variant edition of Jim’s Walking Fish statue will be available for purchase Tuesday (4/4) @ 12PM ET at Bottleneckgallery.com!

Walking Fish by Jim Pollock
Pewter statue
5 inches tall
Edition of 500 (All boxes will be hand-numbered)

Walking Fish - Bronze-Plated Variant by Jim Pollock
Bronze plated Pewter statue
5 inches tall
Edition of 150 (All boxes will be hand-numbered)
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