WANORDE (1/1 Edition) by Bart Simons - On Sale INFO!

This Tuesday, we jump into the generative art world of Bart Simons with another digital + physical experimental release!

Bart, based out of The Netherlands, is an artist whose work explores the stimulating exploration of shapes and patterns, with circles being at the forefront. We’ve been mesmerized by Bart’s work for a little while now, and we’re proud to present his newest project, Wanorde.

Per Bart, Wanorde is “a generative art project that explores chaos and entropy through the simple act of drawing circles on a canvas.” Wanorde is a collection of 100 carefully curated and unique images that have been crafted after hundreds of hours of work. Each print is entirely unique, making it an original (1/1).

In addition, each print comes with a redeemable code that can be used to mint the matching NFT for only the cost of gas on the Ethereum network. The code may be redeemed by any wallet using the Metamask browser extension!

Wanorde will be available for purchase on Tuesday (4/25) @ 12PM ET on our homepage, Bottleneckgallery.com!

Wanorde by Bart Simons
Fine art giclee + exclusive NFT redemption
18 x 24 inches
100 prints in total, each print is a 1/1
Each print comes with a code to redeem the matching NFT for the cost of gas
Prints are distributed randomly and only a few examples are shown!

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