YEAR OF THE ROOSTER Meet & Greet With Jim Pollock - Show Info!

Tomorrow we’re having our second gallery event with legendary gig poster artist Jim Pollock! 

“Year of the Rooster”, is a meet and greet featuring a handful of brand new prints. Jim’s been working on some really special pieces recently, and we’re excited to finally share them with you.

Here are the details for Jim’s “Year of the Rooster” Gallery show this Saturday (7/29):

  • Admission is free, and we’ll be hosting the event from 11AM - 3PM at our Gallery, located at 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY.
  • If a line forms prior to the show opening, we will be handing out numbers that will correlate to he order in which you can purchase pieces.
  • There will be a variety of work, including older and brand new prints!

See you tomorrow!  

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