Collection: Custom Gallery Framing

We now offer custom gallery framing for your prints at a fraction of the price shipped to your door!

How this works:

1. Purchase any print on our website during a release.

2. Purchase a complimentary frame of your choice.

3. We will refund you your original print shipping costs and instead deliver a fully framed piece to your door! That's it! No additional trips to the framing shop and no additional costs to you!

All frames are made with sustainably-harvested American wood and environmentally friendly shellacs. 

Each frame is handcrafted by a master framer with over 30 years of experience, and ships right to your door guaranteed to fit your artwork. All the necessary instructions and hardware for hanging will be included; you'll just need a hammer and the right spot on your wall.

Choose from 4 color options:

Black Maple, White Maple, Natural Maple & Natural Walnut 

For the glaze, acrylic is used (instead of traditional glass) due to its lighter weight, strength and level of clarity. We offer premium acrylic including UV protective glaze as well as a Non-Glare option.

Glazing Options:



UV Protection