Timothy Pittides "Vices Series: Incongruity"

Four color screen print with two metallic inks printed on white Kraft-Tone paper

12 x 18 inches

Edition of 40

Artist's Blurb:

I knew what I wanted to say, the question was how do I say it. One bad apple spoils the bunch? Sure, but it needed to be a stronger message. So here it is. The job is to protect and serve, not endanger and abandon. And to those still doing their job, upholding the oath they swore to, you are no better then the ones who threw that oath out if you stand by and do nothing to stop the snakes in your own yard. That is point of this piece.


Blindfolded by the white cloth, surrending to the villainy that surrounds him, only his virtue and conscience ( represented by the women) can free him. But the longer he waits, the harder it will be. The cloth grows, and soon, there wont be enough good left to remove it.